Language Teaching Activities

Language Teaching Activities

Language Teaching Activities

Welcome to The Five-week Linguist Show. We’re going to talk about some language teaching activities inspired by travel. 

(0:54) Activities from travel for classes, postcards.

(1:19) Kids can really easily make their own postcards.

(1:50) Write everyone’s names on small slips of paper. I write places from all over the world. 

(1:56) You pick one from a name from one place and a country from another. And then that’s the place they visited. Then they write to the person they selected.

(2:19) They have to use those letter-writing conventions, which is great communication practice, and also different tenses. 

(3:10) Create a scrapbook of the reality for your class library, it’s a really good free reading activity to do. And it’s the kind of that real-life stuff that they’re going to encounter.

(3:28) They can also do a scavenger hunt to find reality for specific things.

(4:49) I usually print out some maps of countries or cities and I put them in a bag and students will take a place 

(5:18) They could tell about what somebody else did, who’s from that country in the third person, or they can do it from their own perspective, that works as well. And then again, they have to recycle that communication piece.

(7:00) Another activity that I use is I have them take their suitcase, and I have them take a piece of paper and as a TPR activity. I talked to them about the weather in the place that they’re going to visit and I talked to them about the different activities they’re going to do and they have to draw the items and label them and then they share what’s in their suitcase.

(7:46) The students can even make a little scrapbook of their trip

(8:29)  And I really like to do a presentation

(11:36)  As a teacher, I can’t tell you how valuable Pinterest is.

(11:42) There are some amazing language teachers on there and they’re all collaborating and sharing and plan your trip plans and professional development, organize your lessons

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