How to learn Korean for travel

How to learn Korean for Travel

How to Learn Korean for Travel

Survival language is what I recommend when asked how to learn Korean for travel. Language for travel is what I also recommend when for any beginners, regardless of their travel plans in the near future.

Language for travel serves up language to get you communicating right away–the perfect start!

I have created some themed lists. These themes are designed to get you speaking fast. While you may not need to know the language presented immediately, you will be building words and phrases in context that you will then use to create your own. This is the key to fluency.

Worldwide, English is widely spoken in the travel industry. It is entirely realistic to travel without knowing the local language. However, your experience abroad will be greatly enriched with language.

If you stay at a hotel in Korea, you will likely encounter staff who speak English well. However, the context is great to start building your skills. Korean people are so kind when you make an effort to speak their language as well. They are kind and patient with learners.

How to Learn Korean for Travel:

At a Hotel

Hotereseo 호텔에서

I would like to check in. 체크인하고 싶은데요. chekeuin-hago sipeundeyo 

I have a reservation. 예약했어요. yeyak-haesseoyo 

The television doesn’t work. 텔레비젼이 안나와요. telebijeoni annawayo 

It’s really hot. 너무 뜨거워요. neomu tteugeowoyo 

It’s really cold. 너무 차가워요. neomu chagawoyo 

There’s a lot of noise. 너무 시끄러워요. neomu shikkeureowoyo 

I need…….. _______가 필요해요. _____ga piryohaeyo sonnimi haneun jilmun 

What time is check out? 몇 시에 체크 아웃해야 합니까? myeot sie chekeu aut- haeya hamnikka 

Can you please bring toothpaste to my room, please? 방으로 치약 좀 갖다 주세요. bangeuro chiyak jom gatta juseyo 

Can you please bring a toothbrush to my room, please? 방으로 칫솔 좀 갖다 주세요. bangeuro chisol jom gatta juseyo 

Can you please bring shampoo to my room, please? 방으로 샴푸 좀 갖다주세요. bangeuro syampu jom gatta juseyo 

Can you please bring a razor to my room, please? 방으로 갖다주세요. 면도기 좀 bangeuro myeondogi jom gatta juseyo

This link has a guide with survival tasks and links to audio file podcasts. These podcasts are not traditional. They are bite-sized files of language in chunks. Use them to create your own playlists. Play, listen, repeat, and learn. Once you have enough of these chunks, you’ll start making your own sentences with what you’ve learned.

Get your downloadable files here

What is powerful about this is that it presents language in meaningful chunks–words and phrases designed to get you communicating right away. 

Phrasebooks are powerful because they focus completely on communication. They don’t get into the grammar. If they do, it’s not much. They just get into telling you what you need to be able to communicate with people. You can make your own based on any topic if you have a notebook. 

Get your Korean for Travel and Beginners Phrasebook

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