Spanish-Study REAL Conversations: Week Two Conversation Five


Spanish-Study REAL Conversations: Week Two Conversation Five

Spanish-Study REAL Conversations

Spanish-study REAL conversations in this podcast series featuring conversations with Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Learn to Spanish like a native from a native.

Episode Summary

In this conversation for advanced learners of Spanish, you will learn vocabulary and grammar (all in context) to talk about life and culture in Peru. You will meet Alex from Peru. Alex is a passionate teacher and student of languages and computer science. He lives in the city where he studies.

First, our guest, Alex, will tell us about her family and family life on a broader scale in Peru. He will tell us about food in his country, holidays and celebrations. Get the perspective of how people live in Peru, how they spend their leisure time, the economy and work, and more from a native.

Essential words and phrases to understand this conversation:

me dedico: I do (as in a job)

figuras geométricas: geometric figures

las carreras universitarias: university majors

escalar un volcán: to scale/climb a volcano

la gastronomía: cuisine

cerca del mar: close to the sea

mi caso: my case

he comido: I have eaten

diariamente: daily

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