Learn Spanish Fast: Week One Conversation One


Learn Spanish Fast: Week One Conversation One

Learn Spanish Fast

Do you want to speak Spanish like a native FAST? Learn Spanish like a native from a native by eavesdropping. Learn REAL Spanish in this podcast series featuring conversations with Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world.

Episode Summary

In this episode, you will meet Alex from Vigo, Spain. Alex is a highly-accomplished teacher, mother of one, and a wife. She and her family live in Italy. In this conversation for advanced learners of Spanish, you will learn vocabulary and grammar (all in context) to talk about life and culture in Spain. First, our guest, Alex, will tell us about her family and family life on a broader scale in Spain.  Learn about holidays in Spain. She will tell us about food in her country and celebrations. Get the perspective of how people live in Galicia, how they spend their leisure time, the economy and work, and more, from a native.

Essential words and phrases to understand this conversation:

días de fiestas: holidays

ambas cosas al mismo tiempo: both things at the same time

era más fácil conseguir un trabajo: it was easier to get a job

de repente: all of a sudden

capaces de aceptar: capable of accepting

desde mi punto de vista: from my point of view

la socialización con los amigos: socializing with friends

la noche de San Juan: fiesta held on the 23rd of June

yo fui voluntariamente: I went voluntarily

se tuvieron que ir: they had to leave

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