5 Weeks of Google Apps: Slides

Welcome to the Five-week Linguist Show. We’ll talk about how to use Google Apps to learn and teach languages. And this week, we’ll talk about Google Slides.

(0:57) – Google Slides

(1:24) – Slides and their many templates

(2:24) – They can do all sorts of fun games!

(3:43) – Simple presentation

(4:32) – Fun activities for Learning

(5:04) – Doing the calendar in class

(6:39) – Fishbole

(7:26) – Pictures and Themes for Speaking Exercises

(8:28) – House Tour in Different Languages

(10:00) – Prompt Tool

(10:51) – Make Presentations Interactive

5 Weeks of Low and No Prep Fun

25 Ways to Learn Every Day

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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