5 Weeks of Google Apps: Meet

Welcome to the Five-week Linguist Show. We will discuss using Google Meet for Studying Languages.

(0:27) – Google Meet

(1:03) – Contribution that Google Meet made during the pandemic

(1:35) – Google Meet Dialogues Activity

(3:24) – The next activity is Quizlet

(4:31) – Independent Learner

(5:07) – There’s an abundant amount of resources to be shared

(5:33) – Amazing tool to share and learn about a culture

(6:37) – Video Conference Functions

(7:11) – Chat Function

(9:09) – I like some functions of the camera

(9:47) – I’m excited to see where technologies are going!

5 Weeks of Low and No Prep Fun

25 Ways to Learn Every Day

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