5 Weeks of Google Apps: Youtube

Welcome to the Five-week Linguist Show. We will discuss using Google Apps for learning and teaching languages. And this week, we’re going to talk about YouTube.

(0:40) – YouTube’s History

(1:26) – YouTube Recording for Fluency

(2:20) – What if you are an absolute beginner?

(3:02) – About YouTube Channel for Learning

(4:10) – Challenge

(4:59) – The next one or “Dialogues”

(6:03) – Beginner to Intermediate Dialogues

(7:01) – Find some monologues from your target language country

(7:47) – Language Immersion and TPR

(9:06) – Music for Learning Language

5 Weeks of Low and No Prep Fun

25 Ways to Learn Every Day

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