Sub Plans for Language Teachers

sub plans for language teachers

Sub Plans for Language Teachers

Welcome to The Five-week Linguist Show. We’re going to talk about writing sub plans when you’re a language teacher.

(1:07) If you’re really lucky, you would get a teacher who speaks the language. 

(1:28) It’s really tough to write sub plans when you’re a language teacher because you want them to keep learning. You don’t want to waste that time. 

(1:37) But you also you know that they need a lot of guidance, particularly when they’re beginners 

5 Pillars for sub plans for language teachers

(3:08) I encourage interaction in all of the activities.

(3:49) You can do the traditional English on one side target language, native language card activities. And the students learn a lot through writing that out. Interacting with language.

(4:49) The next step of that is you can take those same words and students can play concentration, play memory, so you put them all on one side and they have to match the words

(6:22) You’ve got a pile of cards to draw from and you ask how do you say or do you have and if they have, or they don’t have the card, they tell you to go fish and you pick it up and you’re putting down pairs. 

(6:36) There are three different ways that you can use these flashcards that have one thing on one side, and one thing on the other side, it can be just an interactive quiz.

(7:12) It becomes an interactive card game.

(8:24) One of my very favorite activities is drawing in the target language.

(8:45) It’s really effective way to learn a language.

(8:59) The point isn’t the art. The point is understanding deeply what the word means and really interacting with the word.

(9:32)  Students can also do journals.

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