Advanced and Beyond: C+

Advanced and Beyond: C+

Welcome to The Five-week Linguist Show. Today we’re going to talk about developing advanced-level language.

(0:53) – In terms of languages, a lot of programs aren’t necessarily named for the real actual levels that are recognized by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

(1:29) Developing advanced level language.

(1:57) The advanced level is really speaking in strong paragraphs.

(3:21) It is really hard to measure progress at this time. But the good news is that it’s extremely rewarding, because when you hit this point, so much is accessible to you.

(3:48) It’s really important that you spend a lot of time with input. Two ears, two eyes, one brain, one mouth.

(6:14) Narrating in the past, that’s an advanced level task.

(6:51) Advanced-level tasks are doing things that are uncomfortable oftentimes and doing so with accuracy and precision.

(10:05) When we learn an advanced-level language, it is about getting into a topic and looking at both points of view and learning the language that it takes to really support your point of view.

Start with the questions

(12:31) For example, you want to talk about immigration. So you would take your target language, and you would find the keyword for that, and go and look for different sources. 

(13:18) Then you take your opinion and just write it out. And then go back to the sources and use it to support your opinion. 

(13:29) As you become more advanced and more fluent, you can even add in arguing against a counterargument. 

(14:23) We want to do twice as much input as output. 

(15:24) Asking someone that question, your native speaker, your italki tutor, let’s say you have a half an hour lesson, let them talk about it.

(15:43) And you will learn so much language. Not only you’ll hear their opinion because it doesn’t matter whether they agree with you or not, you’re going to hear lots of perspectives from a local.

(18:05) Once you get towards the advanced level, you’re going to see a lot of advanced-level tasks.

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