Language Teachers and Summer

language teachers

Welcome to the 5 Week-Linguist Show. This episode is dedicated to the amazing teachers and language teachers in particular. 

(0:28) – Dedicated to language teachers and colleagues

(0:50) – Teachers work hard for their kids

(1:26) – Teachers deals with the rough bits and people’s insecurities of not being successful

(2:02) – First summer tip for language teachers

(3:23) – Teachers oftentimes don’t have choices in what they are going to do during the summer

(3:51) – In summer, teachers are considered unemployed or they don’t earn money

(4:11) – Teachers during the school year spend so much time in meetings and reading emails

(4:45) – Language teachers do comprehensible input in the target language and give students opportunities to communicate and create a classroom a safe place to make errors and mistakes

(4:58) – The Dream Summer

(5:30) – Second summer tip for language teachers

(6:19) – Other jobs have intense periods of work followed by some downtime.

(6:38) – Teachers are active and usually spends time on their own

(6:47) – Creating materials, activities, quizzes, during the summer

(7:28) – Saving time during the school year

(8:16) – Spending the day with Harry Wong

(8:42) – Teachers can work from home to make their school year easy

(9:18) – Jotting down a bunch of systems

(9:53) – Third summer tip for language teachers

(10:15) – From non-native Spanish speaker to advanced Spanish speaker

(11:11) – Enhancing your Spanish proficiency level using tools through input

(12:23) – You don’t have to wait to go abroad if you want to really accelerate your skills. You have everything you need

(12:45) – Honoring Teachers

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