Imperfect Tense in Spanish Activities

imperfect tense in Spanish

Imperfect Tense in Spanish Activities

Looking for a ready-made pack of activities to teach the imperfect tense in Spanish? I created this bundle of activities to get students mastering the imperfect in less than a week.

These activities to teach the imperfect tense in Spanish generally take me two block periods. You can also intersperse them with text activities as you see appropriate. In this case, you may find the unit takes more time. 

I generally begin with the presentation on my life. I have recorded a movie version as well. You may want to adapt mine with your own photos and story. 

After I have told the story, I go through it again, asking and answering questions: 

¿Dónde vivía cuando era niña? 

¿Dónde trabajaba mi padre? 

¿Adónde iba los sábados? 

¿Qué hacía los sábados después de ir a la Academia Naval? 

Now, we do a quick practice with Hear and Circle. I find these great for presenting grammar points and verb tenses. 

Now, I hand out the chart of imperfect verbs and give a brief explanation of how they are formed. You can give the blank one or the one that is already filled out. I always give them the blank one to fill in as a quiz at some point. 

Depending on how your time is structured, you may want to do the next step as homework that they start in class, or do the word puzzles. 

Next, the students do their own presentations (use the handout for guiding questions). They will present theirs to the class. I have students take notes and we ask and answer questions about everyone’s presentations. 

The next steps are to do the quiz (fill in chart) and do the mini-essay. 

At this point, I love to have the students bring something in and do their own show and tell presentation about their lives when they were much younger. They have had a lot of practice with the imperfect tense in Spanish, and I find they speak very confidently at this point. 

Looking for a ready-made bundle?

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