Fun Language Learning Activities

Fun Language Learning

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. Today, we are in the second week of five weeks of pleasurable language learning week. Join Janina for insights, tools, and guidance on making meaningful language learning happen anywhere, anytime. In this episode, we will talk about binge-watching.

[01:11] Stephen Krashen, Ph.D.

[01:26] Website of “The Linguist” by Steve Kaufman

[03:17] The Short-Term Retirement

[04:18] One of the most effective ways to learn a language is to read for pleasure.

[04:39] Language acquisition through graphic novels

[06:04] Find out what’s going on in society right now and what people are talking about. It’s a legitimate method of learning a language.

[07:23] Personality Tests

[08:00] Realia

[08:20] All of the photos can assist you in learning to read a language written in a different script, significantly since all of the images can help you understand what you’re reading. It’s also an excellent method to learn about the culture.

[09:10] A Script Hacker, Judith Myer

[09:47] Make reading easier to understand.

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