Japanese expression for “my name is”

Japanese expression for “my name is..”   My name is…….. Original 私    の 名前  は、・・・ ・・・ です。   Romaji Watashi No Namae Wa、・・・ ・・・ Desu。 Want to learn more Japanese than “my name is…”? Check out these words and phrases for meeting and greeting here: Hello Original こんにちは   Romaji Konnichiwa Good morning. Original おはよう   Romaji Ohayou Good afternoon.… Read More Japanese expression for “my name is”

Japanese: Learn about Culture

  Japanese: Learn through Culture Learn Japanese through culture with these experiences unique to Japan. Stay in a ryokan 旅館 Japanese-style inn. They often have tatami mats and futon for sleeping, and offer guests yukata. Many have an onsen (hot spring bath) as well.  Stay in a capsule hotel カプセルホテル Hotel room, just big enough for sleeping.… Read More Japanese: Learn about Culture