TweetThis is a fun one from acting. It has many variations:   1. Have students act out a situation from your chapter/unit/task goal. These come from whatever they are learning. This might be ordering at a restaurant, going to the doctor’s or meeting someone for the first time. 2. Have them all prepare a situation.… Read More Subtitles

Go Fish

TweetI LOVE this game. You can teach a lot of vocabulary and grammar with this game. As long as you have duplicates of cards with vocabulary you want to teach, you can play this. I normally make them out of Power Point presentations. I print doubles of the slides and laminate them. The decks last… Read More Go Fish

Pass It

TweetI LOVE this game. Here is how it goes:   1. Have SOMETHING to represent each word in your vocabulary set. It can be a toy, the actual thing or a card with the picture on it. 2. Have the students sit in a circle. 3. Pass out the “words” that they are learning. Say… Read More Pass It