Hello, hola, konnichiwa, buongiorno, bonjour!

My name is Janina Klimas. I have been learning and teaching languages for a LONG time!
I have taught languages for over 20 years on 3 different continents and speaks 6 languages to various levels of fluency.

I have a BA in Theater Arts and Foreign Languages, and an MA in the Teaching of Languages. I am certified to teach Spanish, English, drama, speech, language immersion and reading. I have led workshops for language teachers online, at the BETT Show in London, the annual ACTFL convention, Language Show Live in London, and at schools in Europe and the US. I have also contributed to The Language Educator, Fluent in Three Months, and have been featured on several podcasts such as Marc Guberti’s Breakthrough Success, and NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School podcast.

After many years of teaching, speaking and writing about languages, I published a book of engaging, fun and high-interest activities for learners and their busy teachers.

Here’s the book: https://www.routledge.com/Building-Proficiency-for-World-Language-Learners-100-High-Interest-Activities/Klimas/p/book/9781032615912