Learn Japanese through Survival

Learn Japanese through survival language

Learn Japanese through Survival Language

Survival language is one of the fastest ways to learn Japanese.

Are you familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Basically, we need to get our survival needs met first before we get into anything else.

Where you are traveling to Japan any time soon, or not, survival language is a great place to start to learn Japanese. The language you learn will help you get needs met at the most basic level. It will also be served up in meaningful and useful chunks. The more chunks you learn, the more confidently you will communicate.

I hope you never need to say any of these things, but it is great to know how.

Learn Japanese through survival with these chunks:

I_have_a headache.
頭痛     します
 RomajiZutuu Ga Shimasu

I_have_a_sore throat.


   痛い です
 RomajiNodo Ga Itai Desu

My back hurts


   痛い  です
 RomajiKoshi Ga Itai  Desu

I_have_an_upset stomach.


お腹    下して  います
 RomajiOnaka Wo Kudasite Imasu



吐き気   します
 RomajiHakike Ga Shimasu

I have a fever.


 RomajiNetu Ga Arimasu

Do_you_have antibiotics?


抗生物質     ありますか
 RomajiKouseibusshitu Wa Arimasuka?



助けて     ください
 RomajiTasukete Kudasai !

Where_is_the police station?


交番    どちら   ですか
 RomajiKouban Wa Dochira Desuka?

I’ve been robbed!


強盗    あいました
 RomajiGoutou Ni Aimashita

Where’s_the embassy?

大使館       どちら    ありますか

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My strange podcast.

If you are wondering why there is a download file below, it is a word in Japanese. 

We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

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