Language Learning Techniques

language learning techniques

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. Today, we are in the first week of five weeks of pleasurable language learning week, and we’ll talk about research in learning new languages and effective techniques.

[01:01] Dr. Stephen Krashen.

[01:13] He has dedicated his life to assisting people in learning languages and has shared much of his research with language teachers worldwide.

[02:15] The theory of second language acquisition and its five central hypotheses

[03:04] The hypothesis of the monitor

[03:40] Nature’s Order

[04:16] Grammar does not have to be learned in a specific order.

[05:09] Adjective gender blunders

[05:34] The hypothesis of the input

[05:42] Comprehensible input

[06:09] An effective filter can significantly impact how quickly you learn a language.

[06:45] Perfectionists

[07:14] The combination of learning and acquisition is ideal.

[08:05] Cultures: As viewed through the eyes of the perspectives, people, and products of a target language or culture.

[08:48] How to learn languages through reading

25 Ways to Learn Every Day

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