Teaching Languages | Journal activities | Week 3

This week, we’ll explore more journal activities for teaching languages.
In this third week of discussing journal activities, we will talk about activities that work best at the B or intermediate level.


It allows the learner to learn on their own. It’s not dependent on interacting with another person. It allows you to interact deeply with vocabulary.

Vocabulary themes

Have a vocabulary themes journal. It’s a place to collect the names for all the fruits, vegetables, numbers, clothes, you’ve got a page for whatever and fill in the blank. It’s a great way to personalize your learning.

Fluency writing

You are going to pick a theme, and you’re going to time yourself and write about it.

Gratitude journals

You have to write down things you’re grateful for.

A notebook

You can write down words and phrases from the text that was new for you in your notebook. Go find eight or ten, depending on the length of your text of the most important sentences, and then write a summary of what you read.

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