Activities to Teach Greetings

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. We will talk about five activities to practice meeting and greeting in other languages.

(0:02) – Five activities from improvisation to practice meeting and greeting.

(0:46) – All About Alliteration

(01:01) – Whatever your name is, you’d have to introduce yourself with an adjective of the same letter.

(01:57) – It entails introducing each other and repeating what the previous person said.

(02:56) – If you’re doing basic adjectives, do the alliteration with the adjectives, and make sure they agree on gender.

Start giving examples in introducing names in a different language.

(03:52) – Learning how to greet famous people with various emotions. They are presented with a series of scenarios with an instruction to change their greetings at their signal.

(04:54) – Another activity is called Fingers. Everyone gathers in a circle. They raise their fingers, and each student prepares a set number of questions that can be answered with a yes or no answer. As they are being eliminated, people will put their fingers down.

(06:07) – The Name Ball is a basic and fun activity. You’re just meeting and greeting people, but you’ve added a ball to the mix. You introduce yourself to someone else, and we just keep passing the ball around.

(06:39) – My Name is Circle is an activity to make eye contact with the other person before taking their place.

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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