Teaching Propositions in a Foreign Language

teaching prepositions

Teaching Propositions in a Foreign Language

Welcome to The 5-Week Linguist Show. Today, we will talk about different fun activities to teach prepositions in a foreign language.

(0:05) – Learning the difference between a native speaker and someone who’s learned French or Spanish as a second language by their prepositions

(0:51) – Prepositions of location can be difficult

Fun activities you can do in your classes to teach prepositions of location.

(01:35) – Fantastic picture book which illustrates common prepositions of location

(02:02) – The most fun about these books is that the pages move, bringing those prepositions to life

(03:30) – Another fun activity to supplement your exercises in your book is Draw What I Say.

(04:34) – Draw What I Say is a fun and great comprehension activity. You get to check-in and assess understanding and clarify right away.

(04:55) – Another activity using prepositions of the home is a Doll House.

(05:37) – Another fun way to do prepositions of location when you’re introducing commands is your version of Simon Says

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