Comics and Learning Languages

I love comics for learning languages at all levels. You can learn a lot of familiar spoken language put together in a really clever way very quickly.

Creating comics are a great way to practice what you’ve learned. I love using storyboards for narration. Essentially, the students should fill in the story board, making their own comic. If you don’t want to spend the time in creating an original story, it’s really quite easy. They can do six scenes about a time they went shopping, or a vacation they took, or even last week at school. I love to use the graphic organizers at to use. 

For more beginning students, I like to have them create a dialogue on Word. Then they can copy and paste it into Make Belief Comix. It’s a really fun and cute way, change of pace, to study language, and I particularly love it to get over some of the rough spots with those verbs (or example, talking about something that happened in the past).

Graphic novels are a great resource for acquiring language. Tim Ferriss once cited a “nasty manga habit” for helping him learn Japanese. One of my very favorite resources are graphic novels. They tend to be expensive but I think they are an invaluable resource for language learners. The visuals help so much with understanding and much of the story is told through speech.

Pick fun, easy things to read and watch your vocabulary explode. You also can do it completely on your own. Great way to independently study languages. 

Some places to read comics for languages:

Looking to take your skills to the next level? Check out the lab.

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