ACTFL 5 C’s: Culture

ACTFL 5 C's Culture

Welcome five-week linguist show. We are going to talk about Culture.

(0:51) – Culture is all about interacting with cultural competence and understanding and act full.

(0:58) – The standard relates cultural practices to perspectives and relating cultural products to perspective.

(01:35)- Linguists want to help people learn languages without offending people with understanding people. They say Culture and languages are inextricably linked.

(01:59)- You can’t learn a language without learning the Culture of the country you’re from.

Learning New Culture

(02:22) Mostly we would go abroad and the suitcases that we would fill up of magazines, newspapers, and videos and DVDs and pictures, just the physical space, that it all took up to improve our language skills.

(04:01) We can listen to radio from worldwide and read Facebook posts from people from other target language countries.

(04:58) Language learners have the same challenge, right finding, getting access to all that Culture.

(05:57) Reading Culture is about reading things that talk about the Culture, not just about the big Culture.

(07:10) There are many tools to help you learn languages and cultures and connect with real people online.

(08:01) Internet platform that connects you with people who speak your language and Culture. It’s going to help you access documentaries, as well as those dramas we talked about.

(09:32) There are several ways to access target language culture. These include reading about the target language, watching dramas, listening to interviews from people who speak it, etc.

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