ACTFL 5 C’s: Connections

Welcome to the Five-Week Linguist Show! Today, we will be talking about utilizing Connection to learn languages.

(00:31) – The Five C’s

(00:47) – Definition of Connection

(01:32) – Using other content areas and ideas to learn languages

(02:07) – The Six Global Themes

(02:23) – Themes under Daily Life

(03:10) – Different connections to history

(04:31) – Building your skills

(05:00) – “Think about all the lessons we can learn from other cultures.”

(05:47) – Talking about the Coronavirus

(06:23) – Comparisons

(07:26) – Target Language Textbooks

(07:30) – “Primary School language textbooks offer great insight in learning other countries.”

(08:16) – Understanding Mathematics

(08:46) – Documentaries

(08:58) – Language learning with Netflix

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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