ACTFL 5 c’s: Comparisons

ACTFL 5 C's: Comparisons

Welcome to the five-week linguist show. We are going to talk about Comparison.

(0:31) – The five standards for learning and teaching languages.

(1:09) – Comparisons develop insight into the nature of language and culture in order to interact with cultural competence.

(1:17) – In language comparison.

(1:39) – Learning other languages is an acute awareness of our own language.

(4:31) – Awareness of language gives us the tools to learn and apply the practical parts whether we get any communicative function or not.

 Standard interculturality.

(5:37) – Learning patterns can really help you ladder and learn vocabulary really quickly. 

(6:12) – Learning about the products, the product practices, and perspectives through language. 

(9:13) – Making comparisons between this target language and your own language to make sense of both.

(10:41) – Find something of interest. 

(10:55) – Use reading, audio visual content, and podcasts to learn.

(11:16) – Dig deep into the language and really examine and develop talking about that in the target language.

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