Podcast’s Notes in Advanced Spanish: Episode 1

Podcast’s Notes in Advanced Spanish: Episode 1


Welcome to Themes for Advanced Learners of Spanish by Real Life Language. In this series, you will meet native speakers of Spanish from all over the world. They will tell you about their lives and cultures. The podcast can be used for listening comprehension and the accompanying transcripts can be used to deepen understanding. The podcast’s notes in advanced Spanish have questions and answer keys and can be used as a reading activity as well. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: La vida de Eva: Madrid, España

Episode 3: el sistema educativo

Episode 4: el desempleo

Episode 5: el desempleo 2

Episode 6: la inmigración

Episode 7: la mujer

Episode 8: la corrida de toros

Episode 9: la vivienda

Episode 10: la gastronomía

Episode 11: las fiestas de Madrid

Episode 12: un poco sobre Laura

Episode 13: el sistema educativo

Episode 14: la burbuja inmobilaria

Episode 15: la inmigración

Episode 16: la vivienda

Episode 17: la gastronomía

Episode 18: el ocio

Episode 19: la corrida de toros 1

Episode 20: la corrida de toros 2

Episode 21: Las Fiestas de Madrid

Episode 22: Raquel de Burgos: su profesión

Episode 23: Describir Burgos

Episode 24: Advanced language for everyday life: complain at a restaurant

Episode 25: Advanced language for everyday life: get an electronics purchase working

The Themes for Advanced Learners of Spanish podcast can be accessed by clicking the link under each episode title. It can also be  downloaded here: 


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