How to talk about the Coronavirus in Spanish

Talk about Coronavirus in Spanish

How to talk about the Coronavirus in Spanish

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Social distancing, remote work, and face masks are some of the things we’ve gotten used to by now, and we’ll probably experience the “new normal” for a while longer. 

With only a simple internet search, it’s possible to learn everything there is to know about the virus, even though most of us are not familiar with the medical terminology used. However, if you’re a learner of Spanish, knowing the most common phrases about this topic can be very valuable. 

Keep reading to find eight helpful words and phrases that every Spanish learner should know to understand and talk about the Coronavirus:

Mantenga una distancia de dos metrosKeep a distance of two meters

You will surely see this phrase in signs and notices when entering buildings that enforce social distancing rules as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of contagion.

Uso obligatorio del tapabocas – Mandatory use of face mask

“Uso obligatorio del tapabocas” one of the most common phrases of 2020.  Like the previous one, people often post it on the walls of many buildings and establishments. 

Lectura de temperatura obligatoria – Mandatory temperature check

Like wearing a face mask, having regular temperature checks has become extremely common. Many commercial establishments require a temperature check before entering, to make sure a person doesn’t spread the virus inside. 

Cuarentena – Quarantine

Both in English and Spanish, Quarantine and lockdown are some of the most heard words in recent months. The terms “confinamiento” and “aislamiento,” meaning “confinement,” and “isolation” are also often used in Spanish to refer to this idea.

Quédate en casa – Stay home

The best prevention against the pandemic is to stay home and only go out when it’s indispensable. That’s why the term “Quédate en casa” has become one of the most common phrases of 2020.  

Lave sus manosWash your hands

Distanciamiento Social – Social Distancing

Another term that has become quite popular since the Coronavirus first appeared. 

Período de Incubación – Incubation Period

The incubation period is the time between infection and the appearance of the first symptoms. The term is widely used in health centers to estimate the date of contagion.

As you can see, learning the most common phrases about the Coronavirus in Spanish is not complicated. 

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