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Here are a few activities free Spanish (or any language) learning activities to talk about houses.

One of my favorite parts of being a language teacher and learner is that anything can become a language lesson.

Free Spanish Learning: My Dream House

Doodles and sketches are some of my favorite activities to learn basic vocabulary. Get some paper and draw the house of your dreams. Label everything inside of it. After you are done, write all about everything your created.

If you teach languages, these visuals make for great speaking prompts.

Some basic instructions:

The student drew their dream house.

The student labeled the rooms.

The student decorated the house and labeled the furniture.

The student wrote two sentences describing the house.

The student wrote eight sentences describing what the house has.

The student handed in a project that was neat and legible.

Free Spanish Learning: A Tour of My House

This activity was inspired by Benny Lewis, when he used to give tours of his house in different languages.

Here is a tour of my house in Spanish:

A Tour of My House

A Tour of My House

You can do one of these on your own. No one else has to see it. If you are lacking vocabulary, the activity is a great context to learn it. Script it out and walk around your house a few times to practice, and then record. The practice not only provides a free Spanish learning activity, it also serves as a great archive of your progress.

I recommend doing this as a teacher a couple of ways. You can scaffold the activity for students as I have suggested above. You can also have them create Google slides, insert pictures and narrate. They can even use pictures of someone else’s house. No one will ever know!

Here is a collection of activities for CI beginning Spanish classes, as well as this activity, in this course:

Are you looking for some more ideas to learn basic vocabulary for free? Tips to Learn a New Language: Doodles, Drawing and Sketches

Looking for more fun, free Spanish?

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