The Best Way to Learn a Language in January

The best way to learn a language

The best way to learn a

language in January

Coming back to school from winter break can be rough. Many of the kids (and adults) spent the last couple of weeks staying up WAY too late. If you surveyed your class, I think you might find many of the kids fell asleep very late the night before and are still half asleep on the first day back. In fact, you may want to do just that. Here are some of my tips for the best way to learn a language in January.

Here is an example for Spanish:

¿?=¿A qué hora te acostate anoche?

R= Me acosté a la(s) _________.

Write the question and answer pattern on the board.

Next, have the students talk to at least five people. Reconvene as a class and discuss the results:

i.e. ¿A qué hora se acostó ______ anoche?

_____ se acostó a la(s).

Teach other levels and/or other languages? There are many activities that are great fun and high interest, making them (imo) the best way to learn a language in January that require the review and an authentic context for the past, the future and the subjunctive.

*Write for five minutes about your vacation and share.

*Write ten words to guide and inspire your new year. Brainstorm vocabulary as a class before starting. Students can create mini-posters and share with the class. Great vocabulary review and speaking prompt.

*Create a vision board/poster of what you want to happen in the new year. Use as a stimulus for an oral presentation or writing. These deep thoughtful activities are among the best ways to learn a language any time of the year.

*Practice the future tense by writing about what you think will happen in the new year.

*Authentic communication is the best way to learn a language. Write and share a prediction for the new year for five people in your class.

*Write and share goals with the class.

*Write hopes for the new year.

*Write resolutions for the new year.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. They are some of the best ways to break the monotony and breathe life into January while learning a language.

Have a wonderful first week back and year ahead!

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