Weather in French: Conversations for Beginners

Weather in French: Conversations for Beginners

Weather in French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 5 Episode 3. Today, we will learn how to talk about the weather in French.

Gail is our special guest who’s from Paris and has lived in Brazil for two years. She’ll come back to Europe shortly. She’s visiting for Brazilian ballroom dancing. She stayed longer and met her Brazilian fiancé. Life in Brazil is more difficult compared to Europe, to some country besides France. We’ll talk about climates and weather in French today.

(2:55) She does work to improve accents. Often, people are not sure what to improve so she listens first. Most people who are monolingual from birth have difficulty hearing sounds that aren’t in their native language. Many people are not consistent with some sounds, or the accent is on the wrong syllable.

(05:00) What is the climate like in Brazil, and how it is different from France? Paris is not known for sunny weather, that’s more for the south of France. The summer can be hot, but the sky is grey and it rains in the winter, similar to England’s weather. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is sunny, semi-tropical, and intense rain lasts 1-2 hours.

(06:30) French dialogue.

(08:15) Gail points out a few common pronunciation mistakes that are easy to make coming from an English-speaking background.

(10:30) “What did you do during the weekend?” I went… to… by car. Yes, on the new road. How is it? It’s better than the other one. Despite the rain… It wasn’t slippery at all.

(12:10) It must be as pretty as the old one. Much more (or as well). Because it crosses the forest. Are you going to the country or the seaside this summer? “I still don’t know, but I would like some sun.” 

(13:30) It’s hot and dry there. “Yes, but my husband doesn’t like the heat.” Then you should choose the Atlantic. It’s good weather and cool there. And Henry, where is he going this year? “He has a villa in Normandy for the season.” It’s always bad weather in that region. “It rains there very often and there’s a lot of wind.” No, not always. You exaggerate. Maybe. In any case, the autumns are very humid there.

(15:30) Here, what’s the weather like in winter? It freezes and it snows generally for two months. But this year, it’s less cold than last year. It has been less cold, I suppose.

(16:10) Winter, spring, summer, autumn. It’s good weather. It’s bad weather. It’s windy. It’s hot. It’s cold. It rains. It’s cold, it freezes. It’s snowing.

(17:40) What’s the weather like? And important things to know when talking about the weather.

(19:10) Saying the months of the year in French: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

If you are wondering why there is a download file below, it is a word in French. 

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