‘Cheers’ in French: Conversations for Beginners

'Cheers' in French: Conversations for Beginners

‘Cheers’ in French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 5 Episode 4. Learn saying ‘Cheers’ in French when you have a drink during Happy Hours.

In tonight’s episode, our special guest is Laurie from Paris and living in Shanghai. She teaches classes online and in person in China. She started on Itaki three years ago while living in Seoul, Korea, then decided to study to become a professional teacher. She returned to France, earned her diploma, moved to Shanghai, and is teaching online and face to face.

(02:00) Discussion about “the cheese situation” in Korea. Many recipes call for cheese to be mixed in, but French cheese is strong enough to go with bread. Also, cheese is expensive in Korea. In Shanghai, it’s getting easier and cheaper to get French or Italian cheese. In Shenzhen, you could find cheese in restaurants but not always in grocery stores.

(05:00) Apéro is French happy hour. It’s normal to invite friends. We’ll get started with a conversation about apéro, apéritif and looking for a bar.

(06:20) French conversation.

(07:30) Breaking down the words and phrases. I’m very thirsty. After having walked so much. Is there not a bar in this neighborhood? Yes there is. I think that there is one on the corner of the street. You are right. Here it is. It doesn’t look too bad.

(10:00) It doesn’t look so bad, and there’s one not far from the building. Bonjour, Madam. A table for two? Here you are. Are you having an apéritif? I would like a Pastis. Do you want some (snacks) peanuts?

(12:00) Yes, please. And some sausage? Thank you. (Discussion about common apéro foods.)

(12:50) Normandy (in the North of France) has Calvados, which is a whiskey-like apple brandy drink. In the South of France (near Marsielles), Pastis is common. Laurie’s father is from Normandy and she grew up in Leon. People eat a lot more in the South of France.

If you are wondering why there is a download file below, it is a word in French. 

Revise useful words and phrases:











un verre

one glass

une bouteille

one bottle

vin blanc

white wine

vin rouge

red wine

Salut !

Cheers !

Bon appétit!

Enjoy your meal!

La carte des vins s’il vous plaît.

Wine list, please.
We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

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