Five MORE Weeks of Fun: Low and No Prep Activities

Welcome to the Five-Week Linguist Show. We will talk about some low and no prep activities that you can add to your language teaching repertoire.

(02:00) About Janina’s Life

(05:12) Flyswatter Activity

(07:51) Subtitle Activity

(09:45) Drama Activity

(12:12) Screenplay Activity

(13:19) Input Activity

(17:43) Review Activity

(22:07) “Things I love” Activity

(26:05) Deep reading comprehension

(27:30) My Fridge Activity

(28:33) Lyrics Training Activity

(30:25) Bingo Game for Language

(31:36) Group Team activity

(34:00) Coffee talk

(36:05) Nature Walk Activity

(36:05) Nature Walk Activity

(39:12) Wrap up

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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