Tools for the Language Classroom

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. Today, Janina will talk about Google Apps post-COVID in the world language classroom. 

(2:37) – I’m going to discuss how to use Google Docs, Slides, Forms, YouTube in your language classroom, how to plan and organize a guest speaker session in your target language for your students, and some low and no prep engaging activities that can be used in any world language class.

(1:18) – Janina wanted to share her takeaways from Google Apps.

(2:55) – Google Docs

(3:32) – Task Journals or No Vocabulary notebook

(6:15) – Google Translate

(7:25) – Google Docs- great for collecting and using vocabulary for real communication.

(10:06) – Built in Dictionary

(11:16) – Screenplay

(13:22) – Having guest speakers

(13:35) – It’s important to expose our students to as many different speakers as possible, so they get comfortable with accents, they get comfortable with different dialects.

(16:17) – Set up a Drive folder

(20:47) – Templates in Google Docs

(21:19) – Google Slides

(23:08) – You can put that presentation in a grid view, and then students can use those as sort of a word bank for bingo. You can do this with grammar or whatever you want.

(24:50) – Another use for Google slides is basic dialogues and communicative tasks.

(26:34) – As you’re learning to speak, or your students are learning to speak, have the bullet points and things out to talk about, and then talk and record the slide.

(28:59) – Google Forms

(31:19) – YouTube

(32:52) – Commercials in target language

(33:08) – When we study a language, we can’t ignore the culture. We have to talk about the products, the practices and the perspectives of the people that speak that language.

(34:52) – Chrome Extensions

(37:07) – Quizlet

Looking for some convenient ways to get language learning into your life every day?

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