Welcome to the five-week linguist show. We’re going to talk about assessments.

(0:32) Five quick assessments that you can do in your language classes.

(0:56) The key, when you’re thinking about assessment, is really, can I do it?

Some easy ways to be able to assess yourself.

(2:53) Get a notebook, start a fluency journal, and give yourself a few minutes a day to write and watch your fluency explode.  

(3:03) The first step to writing is copying.

(3:31) Another way is recording.

(3:43) Recording is embarrassing and humiliating and awful at first. 

(4:24) As you’re building your fluency, you can start using the recording without aids.

(6:52) For independent learners look at language school assessment.

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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