Learn Advanced Spanish: Online Spanish Immersion

online Spanish immersion

Learn Advanced Spanish: Online Spanish Immersion

Check out these places to experience Spanish language immersion online. Read and listen, understand and learn.

It is so exciting to be learning languages in this time. Never before in history has language and culture been so available. Shop, cook, exercise and dance and learn Spanish at the same time.


Their sites let you find everything from concert tickets to electrical appliances, not to mention clothes and accessories.


With the promise of free shipping and low prices, buyers are flocking to the site that sells practically anything, but especially electronics and clothing.


Dealextreme’s gadgets and electronics have become known around the world. This is an online store where you can buy almost anything.


Despite having a site that could use some improvement, this Valencian Company has carved a niche for itself among online stores that sell in our country.


Ulabox has a clear, easy-to-use website and offers over 10,000 top brand products.


There’s a wide variety of fresh produce (meats, fish, fruit & veg) as well as the items you’d expect to find at an online supermarket.


Zara’s online store features all the styles of its stores and a wide range of accessories and shoes.


At the Amazon Spain supermarket you won’t find for the moment any refrigerated or frozen items nor those with a short shelf-life.

Learn Advanced Spanish: 10 Recipe Sites in Spanish


A dual language site that offers recipes in English and Spanish.


One of the few sites out there that lets you translate any recipe into Spanish and offers a wide range of recipes itself as well.

Google Translate While it is not 100% accurate, it is an amazing tool that gets better and better all the time. Put in a URL from the recipe sites below that are not available in Spanish, and read.


A housewife turned blogger that offers Spanish recipe cards feel free to visit her site and experience new aroma.


If you know Spanish and want to experience how Latin food tastes like, head to this site.

Spanish Food

Ever wondered about the origin of your favourite dishes? Learn this and much more about the best Spanish food and become an expert chef!


Want to know about Spanish classics, tapas bar favorites or popular paellas? Follow the link!

Bbc Good Food

The good food covers a wide range of subjects and Spanish food recipes ranging from tortilla to chicken pie.


Spanish cuisine is very diverse and abundant. Due to it being a country with a coastline, Spain has a lot of dishes made with seafood. Enhance your Spanish seafood experience on this site.


The Ark of Taste identifies and catalogues quality food products at risk of extinction. On this site you can find long forgotten Spanish food recipes and experiment with them.

Learn Advanced Spanish: 8 Cooking Tutorial Sites in Spanish


This course comprises 12 lessons that take you through the wide spectrum of Spanish cuisine, sampling the delights of the Mediterranean and bringing some of the Spanish atmosphere to your dinner table. Perfect for the amateur or the experienced cook, each lesson takes you through a number of recipes step by step with pictures of each stage.


Not only does he teach Spanish language, but will also give you a Spanish cooking experience.


Input to learn about food and cooking in context with short tutorials in Spanish.


Want to learn Spanish through cooking? Follow the link and start learning.


This channel invites you to learn cooking in Spanish to delight your family, homemade, easy, delicious and fun food.

Univision Trends

The latest trends, recipes, entertainment, fashion and many other things you find in this channel.

Jauja Cocina Mexicana

Jauja Cocina Mexicana is a unique cooking channel on YouTube. Jauja means paradise, prosperity, abundance. Discover Mexican food that awakens the senses and revives traditions. Enjoy tested and proven Mexican recipes that inspire memories of stalls, inns and homes.

Anna recetas fáciles

Easy cooking recipes. Just hit that play button and start learning.

Learn Advanced Spanish: YouTube Channels in Spanish for Yoga

Daniela santana

Excellent Class for beginners. Get your basics down right and begin doing yoga.

Isha Foundation

An international nonprofit, public service organization, founded by Sadhguru addressing all aspects of human well-being. Action for Rural Rejuvenation and Isha Vidhya are designed to create global harmony through individual transformation. 

Susana Yabar

This channel is dedicated to all those people who want to tone their body. Simple exercises that we can all do at home or anywhere.

Xuan Lan Yoga

Here is Xuan Lan, yoga teacher certified in vinyasa yoga. Although most of her usual practice has been ashtanga yoga, her practice revolves around several dynamic yoga styles derived from vinyasa yoga.

Brenda Medina

Brenda Medina continues to experiment while on the road, she will share her experiences and tips to improve your Yoga practice -asanas and take it in the safest way.

Linda SolYoga

Linda is a Holistic Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She has practiced and studied this discipline since she was 17 years old and is passionate about teaching and sharing the tools that have helped her live a better life.

Mia Marie

Discover How to Lose Weight with a selection of diets to lose weight quickly. Tips to choose your best diet, Nutrition, Cooking recipes, all in a natural way.

Malova Elena

Best Exercise programs to be in shape! Cardiovascular routines, localized, toning, flexibility, yoga sequences for all tastes and levels. Get fit with us without leaving the house!

An introduction to Sevillanas

Learn Sevillanas

More Sevillanas


More Sevillanas

Learn Merengue

Learn Bachata

Learn Salsa

A great exercise program to get you moving and learn Spanish, too.


Master Spanish in the lab. https://real-life-language.teachable.com/p/speak-spanish-like-a-native

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