Improv and Languages: Learn Greetings

improv and languages: learn greetings

Improv and Languages: Learn Greetings

Welcome to The Five-week Linguist Show. We are going to talk about five activities to practice meeting and greeting in other languages. 

(1:04) – All about Alliteration.

(1:18) – Whatever your name is, you have to introduce yourself with the adjective of the same letter.

(01:26)- It involves introducing each other and repeating what the last person had said. They then have to do something similar to and repeat it again.

Start giving example in introducing name in different language.

(02:27) if you’re doing basic adjectives, do the alliteration with the adjective.

(03:00) Learning how to greet famous people using different emotions. They were given a series of situations and asked to change their greetings at their signal.

(03:33) Greeting is a fun way to introduce people to each other. You need to plan out what you’re going to say and how you’ll say it before you start.

(04:28) Meet and greet is a great way to get started with introductions, just add a ball to it. 

(04:47) You introduce yourself I throw the ball to you; you introduce yourself to someone else and we keep going around the circle.

(05:19) The aim is to make eye contact with the other person and then they go take their place.

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