Podcast to learn French: Conversations for Beginners

Learn French to talk about having a meal or drink out.

Podcast learn French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to our next French podcast episode where we’re at the café, the place where we meet people we know, and learn how to be social. There’s a discussion about Parisian pubs and cafes as well as the food.

(04:00) Conversation in French.

(04:50) Breaking it down. Janina asks Benny what she’s having. “A tea without anything.” Just tea? “Yeah, that’s it. I don’t drink alcohol.” Oh, okay. Do you want to eat something? “Oh, no thank you. I have to eat something at my sister’s, and also, I’m on a diet.” Sir, a tea for the lady. “Okay.” And I am very thirsty. I would like a glass of beer. “A draft beer?” Yeah, that’s it. A draft beer and some peanuts.

(06:25) If the waiter approached a table, they would greet you and you would order something. We talked about draft beer and tea. Wine. White wine. Red wine. Rosé. You usually need to be specific about the region they come from such as Bordeaux or Burgundy, for example, as opposed to simply “red wine.” You must be specific.

(07:55) A glass of water. Sparkling water. Flat water. A glass with ice.

(08:50) I have to… I have to eat dinner. I have to eat. I have to drink. I would like…

(09:35) When visiting France, you would normally get a bottle of wine or a beer instead of crazy cocktails. Steak with French fries. A flatiron steak with shallots and red wine.

(10:50) Mussels. Grilled ham and cheese (gruyere) sandwich with an egg on top. Real French baguette. Sausage. Ham and butter sandwich.

(12:00) Recap of verbs we discussed: Have dinner, to eat. I drink. I don’t drink. I drink wine. I don’t drink beer. Something. I have to eat dinner at my sister’s house. I’m on a diet. I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. A glass. A glass of beer. Peanuts.

(13:30) I want something snacky: peanuts, crisps, mini-sandwiches, mini-pizza.

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