Best Italian websites for your Online Shopping

Sites for Online Shopping in Italy

Online Shopping can be a funny experience. Here is a list of the best Italian websites for your Online Shopping:

The products covered on this site include everything from audio and video equipment to cars and motorcycles.


This site specializes in offering discounts and deals on various products and services. Travel, leisure, and shopping are the major categories of deals offered.

Providing goods from a wide range of categories like electronics, books, appliances, fashion, and office products.
This site specializes in offering price and other information of product through the online stores on which it is sold.

This Italian version of the European website specializes in offering comparison shopping and reviews of various products available online.


The store was established in 2007 and it offers sales only through invitation.


Let’s Bonus is a daily deal website from LivingSocial group. The company LivingSocial acquired majority stake in 2011 to enter in European and Latin American market.

Prezzofelice is a group buying and daily deal website. They offers deals on various categories such as travels, electronics, beauty etc.

ePrice specialize in high tech products including consumer electronics, home and office, toys and more.


Skandium shops sell Scandinavian design from important brands as Kvadrat, Iittala and Marimekko.

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