Italian Cooking: Learn to Cook and Speak

Italian Cooking

Italy is famous for its amazing food. Learn Italian cooking while you learn the language with these 10 tutorial sites.

Rossella’s Cooking with Nonna

Each week Rossella Rago, the host of the Cooking with Nonna Show, invites an Italian-American grandma to cook with her some of the traditional Italian recipes from the regions of Italy that the grandmothers come from. Not only they cook but they also explore the Italian roots of the grandma as well as recount memories from her youth.

Recepti za svaki dan

Are you looking for simple, high quality and tasty recipes? If it is your turn then this site would love to see you regularly.

Kevin Joyce

An Italian man that teaches many things as this is his hobby one of them is cooking.

vita da prof [My life as a Teacher]

My name is Serena, I’m an Italian language teacher, blogger and writer, currently living in France. In this channel I’ll share everything I learn about teaching with you guys, so that we can grow together.

Chef Stefano Barbato

Every week new video recipes both in Italian and in Spanish.

Paellas Velarte

Centennial House pioneers in Valencia of Traditional Valencian Gastronomy, especially with the realization of giant paellas in large events, parties and celebrations for any number of diners.


Follow this link and get to experience how Italians cook in bulk for ceremonies and gatherings.

Italia Sweet Italia

This link wants you to love Abruzzo through helping you discover the wealth of fantastic and fun holiday experiences that Italy’s rocky heart has to offer.


Here Guidomando’s Great-Aunt Pia teaches in italian how easy it is to make her spaghetti and fettuccine! All you need are eggs, flour and water!


Gina enjoys making food for her family in the same old fashion ways as she was taught by her mother in Italy.

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My strange podcast.

If you are wondering why there is a download file below, it is a word in Italian. 

We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

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