French Vocabulary: Crossword Puzzles for Beginners

French vocabulary

French Vocabulary: Crossword Puzzles for Beginners

Looking for a fun way to learn French vocabulary? Try crossword puzzles. They are engaging, fun and don’t require a tutor.

This crossword puzzle is all about the most common type of French verbs (-er).

The gird below is an image. You can use the clues and the word bank to answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.

french vocabulary



4. to speak (on the phone)

6. to like; to love

7. to look for

9. to live (in)

10. to forget

13. to meet

15. to look (at), to watch

16. to share

18. to prefer

20. to draw; to design

21. to think (that)


1. to arrive

2. to eat

3. to hate

5. to work

8. to begin, to start

11. to study

12. to travel

14. to meet up with; to find (again)

17. to love

19. to give

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French Vocabulary: Word Bank

to arrive [ARRIVER]
to give [DONNER]
to work [TRAVAILLER]
to like; to love [AIMER]
to hate [DÉTESTER]
to share [PARTAGER]
to begin, to start [COMMENCER]
to look (at), to watch [REGARDER]
to look for [CHERCHER]
to live (in) [HABITER(À)]
to eat [MANGER]
to love [ADORER]
to think (that) [PENSER(QUE/QU’)]
to forget [OUBLIER]
to study [ÉTUDIER]
to meet [RENCONTRER]
to speak (on the phone) [PARLER(AUTÉLÉPHONE)]
to travel [VOYAGER]
to prefer [AIMERMIEUX]
to draw; to design [DESSINER]
to meet up with; to find (again) [RETROUVER]

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