Japanese for Travel and Beginners

Japanese for Travel

Travel is the best context to learn Japanese.

I created Japanese for Travel and Beginners. In the guide you will find useful words and phrases in Japanese and English, along with audio recorded by native speakers. This guide can be read on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

This guide was inspired by the following question: what language would I have wanted at my fingertips when I first arrived in Japan? Vocabulary out of context will not be found here. While these things are important for creating with language (intermediate learners) they are of little use for everyday communication for the beginning-level learner. Use the guide to understand, practice and speak. This is how languages are learned and people grow their skills and levels of proficiency. Work on these words and phrases while you are in the novice range. You will start to make connections, and learn and understand grammar and vocabulary, all in context. Learn enough words and phrases, and then you will begin to move into the intermediate level where you can make your own phrases and sentences. 

The writing should be approached holisitically as well. Japanese has four different writing systems (three if you don ‘t count Romaji). In fact, it is said that one must be a native-speaking Japanese university graduate to be able to understand a newspaper written in Japanese. At this point, just focus on trying to see the Japanese equivalents. You will see the different syllables highlighted and they correspond by color.

Japanese for Travel and Beginners is organized into communicative tasks. You will learn language for the airport, hotel, restaurants, shopping, emergencies, getting around, meeting and greeting and useful phrases. Links to the downloadable free audio is available inside the guide. I highly recommend downloading the audio and creating your own playlists to learn languages to create a completely personalized language learning experience. As you become more fluent, there will be more language to learn to use in different situations. 

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