Lesson on Listening to Spanish: Week Three Conversation Four

Listening to Spanish

Lesson on Listening to Spanish: Week Three Conversation Four

Lesson on Listening to Spanish

Learn REAL Spanish in this podcast series featuring conversations with Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Tune in to this lesson focusing on conversations with native speakers of Spanish to improve your skills. Learn Spanish like a native from a native.

Episode Summary

In this conversation for advanced learners of Spanish, you will learn vocabulary and grammar (all in context) to talk about life and culture in Argentina.

Essential words and phrases to understand this conversation:

en el sur: in the south

algunas cosas: some things

una vez al año: one time a year

fácil de vivir: easy to live

plata: money

en las afueras: in the outskirts

casa del campo: country home

un asado: meal of roasted beef/barbecue

empanadas: small bread-like raviolis stuffed with beef, tuna, or other protein

tomar mate: a tea shared in groups

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Spanish: Learn Like a Native with Week Three Conversation Five

  1. Read through the essential words and phrases.
  2. Listen.
  3. Listen again.
  4. Do the fluency exercises.

Learning a language begins with understanding. When you hit the upper levels, it is vital that you understand deeply. Reading and listening allows you the opportunity to dig deep into grammar and vocabulary, all completely in the context of authentic communication and use. Read and listen multiple times. Eventually, the language you soak up will become your own.

We live in an unprecedented time. Never before in the history of the world have we had so much access to authentic language and culture. These recordings allow you to listen multiple times to get that deep understanding you need to speak like a native yourself. Unlike in real conversations, you can repeat what you didn’t understand as many times as you need. You will find yourself owning what you heard and read.

Looking to dig deeper? Be sure to check out the link below to get all of the materials you need to start speaking Spanish like it was your first language.

Get the free workbook here with the exercises and transcripts: https://reallifelanguage.lpages.co/spanish-conversations-advanced-week-5/

Looking for more episodes? http://reallifelanguage.com/reallifelanguageblog/2019/10/24/advanced-spanish-course-online/

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