Language Learning Journal: More Prompts


Use these language learning journal prompts for speaking or writing, or mix it up. Writing is the last skill we master in languages. With that said, you can use that skill you already have in your own language to learn a new one. I love to journal to learn new languages. Short periods of time work well. Choose a topic, set a timer, and write. When assessing, I don’t allow myself dictionaries or translator apps. This shows me where my gaps are. When using to actively learn a task, I allow myself whatever tools I need.

Talking to yourself is a great way to build fluency. I love to use the recording apps and journals. The recordings are a great way to hear your progress. It is strange to talk to yourself at first! However, it works. You will be blown away the progress you hear by talking to yourself and recording it regularly and journaling.

Language Learning Journal: More Prompts-Day 1

Understand basic school systems in the target culture.

Say I.

Say you formal.

Say you informal.

Say things you do on a regular basis.

Say the names for at least ten items in your classroom.

Use basic prepositions to describe where things are located.

Say what your possessions are.

Ask what…?

Ask who and/or which…?

Ask when…?

Language Learning Journal: More Prompts-Day 2

Ask what something is…?

Ask what there is or there are…?

Ask how many…?

Ask where is…?

Ask from where…?

Ask why…?

Say what you love.

Say basic foods.

Say the names of meals.

Say the names of basic drinks.

Say what other people do using the present tense.

Language Learning Journal: More Prompts-Day 3

Say basic physical exercises.

Express hunger.

Express thirst.

Express being tired.

Express fear.

Form basic questions.

Say the time.

Say “at” what time something happens.

Express what you eat in the morning.

Express what you eat in the afternoon.

Express what you eat in the evening.

Express your opinions on food.

State the things that you have.

State the things that other people have.

Say the names of common places in your community.

Say what you do in your free time.

Say where you go in your free time.

Language Learning Journal: More Prompts-Day 4

Say what you do on different days of the week.

Say where different people go.

Say when activities are done.

Say at what time different activities are done.

Say the names of sports.

Say what sports you play.

Say what sports others play.

Extend invitations.

Courtesy (please, thank you, no thank you, you’re welcome).

Politely decline invitations.

Express to someone that you are sorry.

State the things that you have to do.

State the things that others have to do.

Say what you are going to do in the future.

Describe how you are feeling.

Describe how others are feeling.

Describe your physical appearance.

Describe the physical appearance of others.

Describe nationalities of people you know.

Talk about where people are from.

Talk about where things are located.

Talk about things that belong to people.

Talk about things you and others have.

Talk about the members of your family.

Describe your friends.

Talk about special occasions in as much detail as possible.

Count to 100.

Talk about places in your community.

Talk about places you go in your community.

Talk about things you do in your community.

Talk about vacations and what you like to do.

Talk about what you did on your last vacation.

Talk about beaches.

Talk about hotels.

Describe weekend activities.

Language Learning Journal: More Prompts-Day 5

Describe activities you did in school in the past.

Describe an experience you have had in school.

Talk about common activities you used to do in school.

Talk about typical extracurricular activities.

Talk about holidays and in which months they occur.

Say the temperature now.

Say what the weather is doing at this moment.

Make a reservation for a hotel.

Check into a hotel.

Ask for help with your luggage.

Ask where the pool is.

Ask about activities available in the area.

Ask about restaurants in the area.

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