Spanish-Learn with our Podcast: Week One Conversation Four


Spanish-Learn with our Podcast: Week One Conversation Four

Spanish-Learn with this Podcast

Spanish-learn REAL Spanish with our podcast. Do you want to speak Spanish like a native? Learn Spanish by eavesdropping like a native from a native. Learn REAL Spanish in this podcast series featuring conversations with Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world.

Episode Summary

In this episode, you will meet Blanca from Spain. Blanca now lives in Edinburgh and works as a Spanish teacher. In this conversation for advanced learners of Spanish, you will learn vocabulary and grammar (all in context) to talk about life and culture in Spain, as well as life in the UK. First, our guest, Blanca, will tell us about her family and family life on a broader scale in Spain.  Learn about holidays in Spain, food in her country and celebrations. Get the perspective of how people live in Spain, how they spend their leisure time, the economy and work, education and more, from a native.

Words and phrases essential for understanding this conversation:

encontrar la rana: to find the frog

la guadería: nursery school

dejar de estudiar: to stop studying

supongo que habría: I suppose there were

el Día de los Santos Inocentes: December 28th (equivalent of April Fool’s Day in Spain)

se nota: it is noted

en el extranjero: abroad

creo que tienes razón: I think you are right

brecha salarial: salary gap

Me he dado cuenta de que: I have realized that

una vida independiente de la casa: a life outside the home

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