5 Ways to Use Flickr in Your World Language Class

Flickr is an amazing free resource to expose your students to images in the target language’s culture. There are so many ways you can use this in your class:


Paris Cafe 2

  1. Search for images of places you want to show your students. Most of the images can be used freely for non-commercial purposes. Here is a link to one of my albums of photos from Paris.


These can be included in your presentations. Seeing these places really helps bring it all to life.

2. Have the students write one another post cards:


3. Have them create Pinterest boards with the images. Basically, you can have them make boards (collaborative or their own) on a theme you are studying. They love doing it and the boards create a space for commenting in the TL and/or serves as a speaking prompt.


The example is of a dream wardrobe, but they can be any theme (i.e. dream trip, dream house, images of a favourite country). The possibilities are endless.

4. Jazz up your worksheets. People LOVE images. It is a great way to infuse some TL culture into your handouts.

5. The images can serve as great speaking prompts. One example might be a picture of a restaurant (as seen above). What would be the conversation that takes place there? Another possibility might be having the students select a photo of a famous city or landmark. They must then create a presentation about a trip there, or tell use five things about that country in the TL.

Do you now if a great free resource for world languages? Please share in the comments section below.

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