Tips for Learning a Language: Things we Don’t Love

Tips for Learning a Language: Things we Don't Love

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. Today, we are in the fifth week of five weeks of pleasurable language learning week, and we’re going to talk all about things we don’t love.

(0:35) Checklist of the things you don’t love.

(01:13) Love for the language

(01:38) Combining your chores with languages

(02:05) Learning a new language should be fun.

(02:41) Find a favorable thing to do while learning a new language.

(03:40) Chat with different people in the world.

(04:15) According to research, learning languages appear to reduce the onset of dementia.

(05:06) Commute

(06:08) Audiobooks on the phone

25 Ways to Learn Every Day

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