The Best Way to Learn Spanish: Episode 1

The Best Way to Learn Spanish: Episode 1

The Best Way to Learn Spanish: Episode 1

Welcome to Themes for Intermediate Learners of Spanish: Speakers from  Bolivia, Spain, and Argentina on Daily Life and Culture by Real Life Language.

In this series, you will discover the best way to learn Spanish. You will meet native speakers of Spanish from all over the world in this immersive experience. They will tell you about their lives and cultures. The podcast can be used for listening comprehension and the accompanying transcripts can be used to deepen understanding. The audio is accessible via the link and can be downloaded from there as well. The materials also have questions and answer keys, so can be used as a reading activity also.

Please note that there are no translations or English. This is a book intended for intermediate and advanced learners, so the language is at the paragraph level.  The later lessons are somewhat longer but are presented in simplified language. Aim to understand first. This is where the actual learning of new languages happens. Use the questions to give you a deeper understanding of the presentations. 

How to use this to learn Spanish:

1. Listen to the episode. It is short, from a native speaker and at a normal speed.

2. Read the questions.

3. Listen to the episode and work through the questions.

Do you want the workbook? Get your free copy here:

Do you want to master Spanish in the next year? Check out the course here:

Need some help understanding? Check out this AMAZING resource. Readlang is one of the best tools out there to learn a new language by reading. This Google Chrome extension can help you break down and understand text on the web. You can even upload a PDF. Understand, review and even make flashcards. There are free and paid versions. Check it out:

Spanish: Themes for Intermediate Learners

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