Ringing French numbers: Conversations for Beginners

Ringing French number

Ringing French numbers: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 5 Episode 1. Learn ringing your friends on their French numbers to make plans with them.

In this course, you’ve heard French between the American and the Frenchman. We’re going to expose you to different speakers because we have unique speech patterns. You’ll hear two entirely different speakers, a native French speaker and one from Quebec. They’ll make plans, talk about the post office, and speak about some practical things.

(01:10) Introduction from Elise from France and Jacques from Quebec, telling us we’ll be hearing about making plans, the post office, and talking on the telephone. A discussion is started by saying “bonjour” which means “good day.” However, if you call someone at the end of the afternoon or at night, use “bonsoir” which means good evening.

If you have never met the person, also immediately present yourself as French people may hang up very quickly.

(02:15) Invite someone to have a coffee or croissant. Propose an invitation to several places like a good restaurant or a bar you’re used to. Then setup a meeting hour, not too early or late, 10AM or 11AM or 6PM. Mention that you are also flexible to avoid a “no.”

(03:10) Dialogue making plans.

(04:10) Breaking down the words and phrases from this conversation. Where are we meeting Christian this evening? “I don’t know, suppose I’ll phone her.” Fine, and while you call her, I’m going to the post office. “You have her number?” I’ll go look, it’s 79-67. “Hello, I’d like to talk to Miss Messier.” Yes sir, who’s calling? Hold the line, sir, I’ll go see if she’s here.

(05:30) Hello? “I was afraid I wouldn’t reach you. Where are we meeting this evening?” Would you come by and pick me up around 7? “Okay, see you later. Where can I send a letter?” Right here, sir. I’ll weigh it. “And for a register with packages?” That’s at window 12.

(06:45) “I also wanted to send a fax, but there are too many people at the window.” Why don’t you send it from home? “I didn’t know you could do that from home.” Yes, you can phone

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French Conversations for Beginners

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