French phrases basic: Conversations for Beginners

Learn French to buy press and postcards.

French phrases basic: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 2 Episode 5. We will learn French basic phrases to buy press and postcards.

We’re talking about buying postcards. Whether you smoke or not, you’ll find yourself going to the shop that sells tobacco, newspapers, candies, postcards, and lottery tickets.

(01:50) Conversation involving someone who doesn’t speak French and is looking to buy postcards.

(03:00) The conversation started with a nice greeting and what would you like, how can I help you? I would like some postcards, please. “They’re over there, on the left. Choose one.” You don’t have any. Norte Dame. “No, we don’t have any more. I made an order, but it hasn’t arrived yet.” All right, then. I picked one. Two of each. “Okay, six postcards at fifty cents. That is three euros. Do you want some stamps?” No Thank you, I have them already.

(05:30) Is there a letterbox close to here? “Yes, of course. Just across.” Thank you, goodbye.

(06:00) Breaking it down: Postcard. Shop owner. What would you like? I would like two postcards, please. They’re over there to the left. Choose what you want. Don’t you have with views of the architecture of the Arc de Triomphe and Norte-Dame? “No, we don’t have any more. I have ordered some more, but they haven’t arrived yet.”

(07:00) Oh, good then. I’ll have the Lourve, the Sacre Coeur, and the ____. Good. Six postcards. At fifty cents each. Do you want stamps? No thanks, I’ve got some already. Is there a mailbox close to here? Yes, of course. Just next to us (or across from us). Thank you, goodbye.

(07:55) There are people drinking beer at little tables in the morning, but it’s closed at night. People are often working at night or very early in the morning at big factories, so they are ending their day, or having a drink before a meal.

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