Learning French: Conversations for Beginners


Learning French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 2 Episode 4. Learning how to speak in French when using taxi/public transport.

Let’s talk about getting to the train station in France. There are signs but you need to use French and talk to people to get where you’re going.

(00:45) Conversation in French.

(01:25) Taking the train across down is unpleasant with all the bags, so a taxi is better. There are many train stations in France.

(03:40) “I have a customer. I’m not free.” Oh, excuse me. Taxi. “We are out of service, we are going home.” But I’m in a hurry! The other taxi driver said, “I’m waiting for a client that’s going to Orly airport.” I’m waiting, a customer, who’s going, to, Orly.

(05:35) Ooh la la or “oh dear” is not a nice thing to say, although not a bad thing to say. What a day. I’m going to be late. How does somebody find a taxi in this city? “In Paris, we get there quicker by metro and it’s less expensive. Look, the metro is just behind you.” Thank you. I’m in a hurry.

(08:00) More words and phrases for the train station. Customer. Available. Free. To be on duty. To not be on duty. To go home. (Most shops and banks are closed Mondays.) Policeman. How does one find… Town/city. More. Less. Less expensive.

(09:30) Expensive. Dear… Mouth/entrance. Quickly. Behind. Behind you. To be in a hurry. I’m in a hurry. Who/which.

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