How to speak French: Conversations for Beginners

How to speak French: Conversation for Beginners

  How to speak French: Directions

Welcome back to French Conversations for Beginners; Episode 2. Today we’ll learn how to speak in French about:

*find a place
*get directions
*learn helpful language for finding your way

(01:11) “How to find the supermarket” dialogue.

(02:24) Breaking down the pieces of the dialogue. I’m sorry to bother you. Where is the supermarket?

(03:33) Beckson Street, Madam, I believe.

(03:58) Speaking the number of the street for the address.

(04:14) Yes, I know.

(04:25) Where is Rubergson, over there?

(04:45) To the right (or to the left). They also explain how to say “straight ahead.”

(05:07) How to say: “No, Madam.” As well as, “Next to” and “the square.”

(05:56) Do you know where the plaza is? Not really. Where is the plaza?

(06:38) Listen. You turn to the left. After 500 meters, you will find the supermarket (or you are at the supermarket).

(07:15) Yes, I understand. Thank you very much, sir.

(07:37) Cycling through different words and phrases. Disturb or bother, at a certain number of the street, I know, just, let’s go, alright then. Listen, street, turn, on the left, again/still, have, you will find, opposite, next to, the park, not really, I think.

(09:37) Other helpful (basic) things you need to know in French when asking for directions. Roundabout, pathway/sidewalk.

(11:05) Stop, traffic lights, thank you.

Some essential phrases to get started in French:

Est-ce proche ?

Is it close?

Est-ce loin ?

Is it far?

Tournez à gauche.

Turn left.

Tournez à droite.

Turn right.

Allez tout droit.

Go straight.

Pâté de maisons.




Avez-vous une carte ?

Do you have a map?

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